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Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce 

Mission Statement 

“The Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce is the community’s leader to promote a favorable business environment, improve the quality of life and stimulate a vibrant economy, project a positive image for the City of Cloverdale and support orderly growth for our city.”

Chamber Staff
Board members pictured left to right are:
Jenness Brewer, Peter Rosson, Neena Hanchett,Kelley Voss, Ron Pavelka, Administrative Assistant Savanah Hemphill, Kathleen Kelley Young, Student Liaison Eden Winniford, Amy Schaefers and Ramiro Rodriguez. Not pictured: Student Liaison Julie Edwards

To our Cloverdale Community:

We are a diverse community and we value everyone who lives and works here. As a community we have culturally different backgrounds, different religious and political beliefs. Yet the spirit of the Cloverdale community is what binds us together. We believe in our business community & have witnessed Cloverdale’s community spirit while coming together during the last three years of local disasters such as the fires, power interruptions, and the Covid-19 pandemic affecting all of our citizens.

We believe that in any community we must be leaders in courage. We each have the capacity and courage to grow our strengths and help each other with kindness as well as when there is a need. We must lend each other our personal lens and start by listening to one another. Through this listening there is no debate, only understanding. We can recognize when it is time to say, “I see you. I respect you, and though we differ in our opinions, I see that you love your community too.” There is room for tolerance of differences. So, let us find where we have connections, and communicate to find our commonalities.

It is with this community spirit that we support the Black Lives Matter movement because we believe that if one suffers, we all suffer. And in that same thought, we believe, trust and respect our community police force and support its strong commitment to our community. As stated by Martin Luther King, “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be…”

We must find courage to stand up for what we believe and love all our neighbors. Ask yourself how to lift someone up with your conversation with openness and with unfettered respect and curiosity. Let us take care of each other when we see a need by building each other up. If a person is lashing out. They are hurting in some way. It is okay to acknowledge each other’s pain and fear. It is okay to respond with love, kindness, and care.