A brief introduction to Cloverdale History

Prior to the beginnings of Cloverdale officially, the area was populated by Pomo Indians, who according to their history, have lived peacefully in the region since ancient times. “What is now Cloverdale was part of the southern Pomo territory, of which one of the most important villages was the “chief village of Makahmo, located at the mouth of Sulphur Creek and consisting of six villages on both sides of the river,” according to “Cloverdale Then and Now,” published by the Cloverdale Historical Society in 1982

European settlers arrived and established an early stagecoach stop, known as Markleville, on the Rancho Rincon de Musalacon Mexican land grant.

In 1859, James Abram Kleiser bought Markle’s interest and the town of Cloverdale was laid out. The town was incorporated when the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad arrived in 1872.

The Cloverdale Historical Society is the foremost reference for all things historical in Cloverdale.

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Klesier founder of cloverdale ca
Kleiser Founder of Cloverdale