Bed & Breakfasts

Great for a romantic getaway or a relaxing home away from home, Bed and Breakfast accommodations are home-like properties where guests stay in a bedroom (sometimes with shared bath facilities). Many Bed & Breakfasts offer full breakfast in a common dining room area or in your guest room.

Hotels & Motels

Cloverdale has plenty of options if staying at a hotel or motel is what you prefer. Most options are right in downtown Cloverdale and offer plenty of parking close to lots of amenities.

RV & Camping Sites

Cloverdale is home to a number of wonderful RV and Camping Sites where you can pitch a tent or RV camp here in wine country with easy access to all the area has to offer.

Vacation Rentals

For large groups or longer stays, Vacation Rentals often offer more value, space, and privacy than other accommodations. And, pets are more often welcome at vacation homes than at other types of lodging.